Cancer november horoscopes 2019

Cancer horoscope November 12222

Venus is there until the 26th, and on the 23rd, the Sun moves here. So this is an excellent period for jobseekers.

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  4. You are being redirected.

Most of you are probably employed and the power in the 6th house shows extra jobs or overtime work. It is also a good time to hire people. You will have plenty of applicants.

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Children and children figures have been prosperous all year, but now and especially after the 23rd they prosper even more. Your personal prosperity seems strong this month too.

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Until the 22nd your financial planet is in the happy-go-lucky 5th house. It favours investments that cater to youth — music and entertainment. Financial opportunities come at resorts or places of entertainment.

Mars opposes Neptune on this day, so watch out for lazy, sleazy, lying, or manipulative people. This is not a good time to make decisions. A shift in energy arrives as Mercury and Venus enter Libra, the sign of justice, bringing your focus to your home and family life during this powerful and emotional full moon.

Horoscope Cancer November

Your relationships have been restructured over the last few months, and things start to move forward as Saturn ends its retrograde on September Plus, Mars connects with Pluto the next day, encouraging powerful transformations in your partnerships. Jupiter clashes with Neptune on September 21 for the third and final time this year—think back to January 13 and June 16, the last time these planets faced off; similar issues concerning planning and communication come up for you now, dear Cancer.

As disappointed as you might be about something, Mercury clashes with Saturn on September 22, helping you plan your next steps. Your attention turns to your private life, your living situation, and family matters as the sun enters Libra on September You're busy getting organized at home on September 24 as Mercury connects with Jupiter, but watch out for bad attitudes or feelings of rejection on September 25 as Venus clashes with Saturn—don't plan a romantic date on this day!

Cancer Rising

You may feel that you never have time for yourself, since everyone seems to have plans for your time. Juggling your responsibilities can try your patience. To avoid exhausting your energy, find some good stress-busters. Stretching exercises, massage therapy and meditation can help you stay centered in the midst of a busy period.