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This wonder is primordial, sacred and ancient. As an astrologer I am fascinated with the night sky. Early memories take me back to this lovely, peaceful, star filled sky. Every personal journey has many twists and turns. We never know what is around the bend until the corner is turned.

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In , I turned a corner and found a temple built of love. Founded by Goswami Kriyananda, the Temple of Kriya Yoga became my refuge; a spiritual home where my soul rested and rejoiced.

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  4. In addition to being an adept yogi, Kriyananda was also an astrologer. I discovered that yoga and astrology are interwoven aspects of a 6, year old Vedic tradition. Like most people, I went to my first astrology reading with curiosity. As Kriyananda began to describe my life, curiosity quickly turned to amazement. The accuracy was unmistakable. I had to know more! I quickly became a student of the stars; a student of life.

    The Wisdom and the Way of Astrology

    One of Kriyananda's statements was "massive artistry, primarily mental creativity. A writer? This character assessment did not register for years. At the time, my day job was a secretary for Kiwanis International, the service clubs. I was doing the foreign correspondence for Kiwanis, and did not dream the hours upon hours of writing was setting the stage for mental creativity. Another timely and amazing prediction Kriyananda gave me was to avoid doing anything drastic during a certain week.

    He said I would feel like I had to do something, and if I chose to act, then it would take me off my path for an entire year. Well, I went stumbling ahead, and sure enough, it took me a year to get back on course. All major aspects are interpreted, giving you easy aspect to the meaning of the square, trine, sextile, conjunction and opposition. Each planet is featured in its own chapter. In addition, the authors delineate the Moon through each of the signs from both the personal and mundane, or public, perspectives. The introduction presents the authors" advice and guidance on overall interpretation of transits, their time frame and how to determine their relevance to major and minor events in your life.

    With this handy book you can quickly and easily access information needed to fine-tune astrological forecasts, and thus determine more favorable days for a wide range of activities. A clear, understandable and profound presentation for students on every level. This text returns astrology to its rightful place as a mystical science. This is a reference book which reveals astrology as a tool for understanding oneself, and the world on a deeper level. The Wisdom and Way contains a thorough overview of astrology including planets, signs, houses, and aspects, complete chapters on calculations and delineation offer readers the opportunity to learn to interpret a chart with accuracy and spiritual insight.

    Transits and Solar Returns is a uniquely useful tool for interpreting transits to the birth chart and the annual solar return. Included are extensive sections that delineate the transits in the houses and in aspect to all of the other planets, both harmonious of dissonant, as well as delineation of all of the planets in all of the solar return houses. The book begins with the author"s Thirty Rules for interpreting transits and solar returns. These rules, which go beyond many of those found in other books, are based on the author"s extensive experience and research.

    These rules of interpreting function as a practical how-to for reading transits and solar returns using a step-by-step method that"s easy to follow and implement. There are numerous examples to illustrate the author"s interpretation method Useful and extensive appendices offer guidelines for solar return interpretation and relocation on the birthday in order to maximize positive planetary placements and minimize the negative.

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    Astrological Books. Home Application Contact Ingrid. Enrolled Students Login Course Forum. Links AstroHeal. Registered Users Archives Commentaries. Robin Antepara This innovative guide challenges the conventional notion that certain planetary relationships squares, oppositions, and conjunctions are bad, while harmonious ones sextiles and trines are good. Pauline Edward For the first time ever, here is an astrology book that focuses on astrological crosses the cardinal, fixed, and mutable aspects of the signs of the zodiac and their impact on people"s lives, behavior, actions, and motivations.

    Astrology and Past Lives. Mary Devlin Astrology and Past Lives is the first book to examine birth charts for previous incarnations.

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    Maurice Fernandez For novice astrology students as well as experienced astrologers seeking a holistic look at the foundations of astrology, this accessible and fascinating study is a must. Sue Merlyn Farebrother Accessible, entertaining and informative, Astrology Decoded explains, step by step, how astrology works, when to use it and ways to take it further.

    Demetra George and Douglas Bloch Astrology for Yourself is designed to introduce you to the language, art, and science of astrology through a series of self-directed, program-learning exercises that will literally enable you to write your own chart interpretation. Isabel M.

    Eric Meyers Between Past and Presence: A Spiritual View of the Moon and Sun, is an astrology book written at an advanced-beginner to intermediate level for a general audience. Eric Meyers Elements and Evolution is an spiritual astrology book for a general audience.

    Mindful Astrology

    Florascope The Secret Astrology of Flowers. Helen Brown Gentry Tiger Lily. James Braha How to be a Great Astrologer is a highly specialized analysis of planetary aspects and is the product of very deep, intense research. Donna Cunningham Donna Cunningham lays out a workable system for reading charts in this latest of her twelve published volumes.

    Interpreting Empty Houses. Ana Ruiz How often do we tend to skip the houses without planets when looking at one"s birth chart for the very first time? Llewellyn George For nearly years, astrologers the world over have trusted the A to Z as their primary textbook and reference for all facets of astrology. Planetary Strength A Commentary on Morinus.

    Bob Makransky Planetary Strength - a commentary on Morinus is an intermediate level textbook on natal horoscope interpretation. Planets in Transit Life Cycles for Living. Robert Hand This book covers complete delineations of all the major transits - conjunction, sextile, square, trine and opposition - that occur between transiting Sun, Moon and all planets to each planet in the natal chart and the Ascendant and Midheaven, as well as complete delineations of each planet transiting each house of the natal chart.

    Predictive Astrology The Eagle and the Lark. Bernadette Brady This ground-breaking book, with its many new techniques and concepts, brings predictive astrology into a world of its own. This class will dive more deeply into the signs and planets, which provide the basic energies and meanings of the natal chart.

    The geometric relationships of our planets to one another determines the how the planets express their karmic energies—if they are sat beneficial or asat difficult. Maybe especially your Mother. There are techniques for casting and reading a chart where there is no birth certificate available, but it limits the accuracy of several of the key elements of a chart. To contact Tiffany visit WWW.