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Many astrologers believe the most important factor in the consideration should be the progressed and transiting planets to the natal chart of the candidates. Others, like myself, might believe that the mood of the people actually doing the voting is most important. Do they want a change, or do they want to maintain the status quo of their leadership? There are other matters to consider too, of course.

This is especially true when one of the candidates running for office is the incumbent. The incumbent president can — and does - affect greatly the mood of the country going into an election. If there is a war going on, and it is progressing successfully but not yet completed, the populace is reluctant to bring a new leader aboard to finish the job.

Has the incumbent been honest with the people? Has he lied or mislead the public? If so, his chances of re-election are diminished greatly, as was witnessed for George Bush Sr. The first step in determining the mood of the country and its potential willingness to make a change in leadership is to examine the horoscope of that country. And examining the horoscope of the United States instantly sets off further debate amongst astrologers because there are so many charts currently being used.

All the known references that I am aware of suggests that the actual completion of this document took place mid-morning of July 4, which would give a Virgo rising. These references come a letter found by a historian at the Library of Congress documenting that the signing of the Declaration of Independence took place on the morning of July 4th, , according to KT and James Boehrer of El Paso, Texas.

Interestingly enough, it also coincides with an independent rectification done by renowned astrologer Dr. Zip Dobyns of Jamul, California, who was unaware at the time of the work done by the Boehrers, and further personal research done by noted astrologer Michael Munkasey. However, like many astrologers, I too prefer the Sagittarius rising chart based on the events of the past two-three years. The chart I use for the United States of America is, therefore, not the one most astrologers use.

In other words, this was the beginning point for the Declaration of Independence. The source of this information is from Dr. Zip Dobyns, from her study of the minutes of the Continental Congress records. It is based on historical documentation, which satisfies the standard data criterion of most astrologers. And, it provides that Sagittarius rising that so many astrologers prefer from an experiential point of view.

By using this chart, there are three major transits taking place now through that are likely to affect the mood of the country. They are: 1. Transiting Pluto in opposition to natal Mars, and square Neptune, December 19, — October 18, Transiting Pluto in opposition to Mars 1 denotes the continued threat from terrorists, and the intense battle to rid the country of this enemy.

But the threat remains real, and human lives likely remain in danger of violence and worse during this aspect. This combination brings into play the dynamics of force Pluto and aggression and combat Mars. At greatest risk to America are her soldiers Mars , those who serve in the military.

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The fact that Pluto is in Sagittarius indicates the taking of these philosophies to an extreme, perhaps well beyond the boundaries that they were originally intended to apply. For instance, does any religion really support killing or the destruction of life? In this case, justifications are being made that allow it, and apparently even reward it in the name of God, or Allah, and this is consistent with Pluto in Sagittarius, square Neptune in Virgo, and in opposition to Mars.

Both Neptune and Sagittarius rule the domain of religion and philosophy. Both Pluto and Mars rule the domain of fighting and even killing. They are mixed together here in the next years. The last time Pluto formed this hard aspect to Mars and Neptune in the U. It coincided with the Viet Nam war. Many people say there are no.

But for the chart of the United States of America, the astrological similarities are indeed there. And once again, the people at greatest risk of being victimized are soldiers of the U.

For just like in Viet Nam, the U. And once again, the United States stands on the brink of being accused by the world body of engaging in a losing, or even ill advised, combat. And Neptune also rules oil, which seems to be at the source of why America is engaged in war in Iraq. With the belief real or perceived that so many lucrative financial contracts in Iraq were given to American oil-related firms who also gave great financial support to the party in the White House, these concerns are not apt to disappear anytime soon.

The presence of transiting Pluto forming this T-square to the U. Mars and Neptune supports the idea that national security is a theme very much on the minds of voters this year. Transiting Saturn 2 conjunct the U. Sun, and square to its natal Saturn, brings a certain seriousness, or heaviness to the situation.

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Saturn is a very fair planet, in terms of its potential effect. Saturn has rulership over responsibilities, accomplishments, integrity, and accountability. If it can prove it acted responsibly and with integrity, then that leadership is respected. This is because the leadership is trusted as an honest, responsible broker in the process. In many cases, the leadership may sacrifice someone close to their position of authority, like a vice-president.

This is what happened at first during the Watergate problems of the Nixon era, which was the last time Saturn crossed the U. But even that was not enough accountability to those who continued to question President Nixon, who continued to deny and avoid accepting the responsibility of his role in the problems of that time. Sometimes it can correspond to illness to that leader, where again the future leadership of the country is in doubt.

But in this case, it seems more likely it is something other than illness, for there are efforts in the past two years that are already being questioned greatly, and the pressure is on the leadership to provide acceptable explanations. In fact, as comes to an end, there is already much finger pointing and blame being tossed around the various agencies in the present administration. There is a question of who is really in charge of certain policies, especially regarding Iraq.

This is transiting Saturn hitting the natal Sun-Saturn square. It is likely that several high-level administration positions will be changed, or resignations of many top officials will be forthcoming in the next years. The presence of Saturn transiting the U. A Sun, and squares its natal Saturn, will assure that character is an issue in this election. Which candidate is really the most patriotic and committed to the principles for which this country was founded, in the minds of voters?

Transiting Uranus 3 , however, continues in favorable aspect to the U. The trine to Venus most of last year coincided with an economic and stock market rebound. The trine to Jupiter throughout indicates this economic growth will likely continue, especially in regards to world trade. New markets are likely to be opened, and the field of technology Uranus continues to look promising. As Jupiter rules the first house, it seems that the persona of the United States is very vigorous and exciting this year. The presence of Uranus suggests that the economic concerns of the populace are being answered positively.

People will likely have more money to spend, and the economic slow down of the first years of this decade have come to an end — at least for this time. So what is the mood of the United States in ? It is definitely serious - and exciting. There is an underlying fear for safety, and concern about the danger of terrorism. There is a desire to make America safe, and protect her citizens from harm, and Americans are indeed concerned about this.

There is definitely pressure and heaviness as Americans ponder their future, and the course of action taken by its leadership. But there is also a rising momentum of protest against this collective pressure, and its causes, and it is directed squarely at the U. It may be a conflict in the collective regarding power verses powerlessness. Saturn tells us the current government in power will do whatever it can to maintain its position of authority. Uranus tells us that there is a new force that is building in the collective, that wants a change of direction, and a new found sense of freedom and a path towards a newer future.

But with it comes risks. And the two camps are divided on the matter of risk. Saturn does not want to take the risk, for it sees it as immature, irresponsible, and even dangerous. But Uranus is growing ever more restless with the restrictions it perceives to its freedom and youthful vigor. A new liberal movement, demanding a greater voice in the direction the United States is taking, is starting to grow, and it appears to become stronger and stronger as this decade unfolds. Bush is the incumbent, and as stated before, there are several things an incumbent can do that can and does affect the mood of the electorate.

George W. I am sorry I do not have the source of this information, but it is the data that comes from the AstroDataBank, the Steinbrecher database, and the ISAR weekly email digest. It is the data used by most astrologers, and I believe it to be accurate. The progressed Sun will conjunct his natal Mars all year. That may be all we need to do about his desire and intent to win this election. There are probably very few astrological signatures as competitive as a Sun-Mars conjunction. If I am reading this correctly, George W.

Supreme Court over the disputed Florida election. With progressed Sun conjunct Mars, he will likely do everything within his power to make sure he wins. This dynamic is — I believe — supported by the fact that he is also under several hard transiting Saturn aspects. This is suggestive of his self-doubts. In fact, he likely vacillates between confidence Sun-Mars and self-doubts transiting Saturn over his natal Sun, and then a Saturn return at the time of election.

This can be formula for overkill in his bid to win the election. And, as stated before, the three areas he needs to pay attention to are national security, economy, and character. There are many signatures suggesting the continuation of military efforts this year. The progressed Sun conjunct Mars is not an indication of someone who avoids conflicts. Instead, it suggests one who is powerful, assertive, and successful in combat.

He is indeed a Commander in Chief of the armed forces, and it appears he is more than willing to literally put that title to work. He likely draws disputes to himself, but he takes charge to drive his points across. He may be very willful in carrying things out on his terms, not the terms of others. Even after this year, progressed Mars will then move into a conjunction to his natal Moon for the following two years. His war crusades likely continue, but after the popularity for these efforts is likely to be on the decline, for progressed Venus will also square Saturn then.

If George Bush wins a second term, it appears his first term will be more popular than his second. This could coincide with a significant shift in his closeness to the public that he enjoyed prior to that time. He might begin a process of becoming increasingly more distant from the American public, and more private and reserved in his behavior. It retrogrades back away from his Sun, but then crosses it full force, and is followed by a square to his Moon and Jupiter in Libra, June through July Going into the summer months is possibly the most critical time of the year for Mr.

One would think that criticism for his actions, and pressures to reply to these criticisms, might be at a painful peak. His popularity might be at its lowest level around this time. And with that, his worries and apprehensions and self-doubts might be at a high. This will likely be the moment of truth for George Bush. If he handles it well, then I believe he will coast into the presidency a second. But if he bumbles this period, and is not able to mount a credible and believable accounting of his record to date, then the outcome is very uncertain.

He will be vulnerable to losses, which is the downside of Saturn. And on October 8, , he has a Saturn return. Or it can be a period of regret and loss, a sense of failure that he has not achieved his goals, and now the time to do so is passing away. It all depends upon how well he has built his foundation leading into this period. In this chart you will see the Sun is in opposition to Saturn, conjunct the Nadir and Midheaven respectively, and forming a T-square to Mars, which falls on the Descendant. The orb between all three planets in aspect is less than 1 degree. It is very tight and thus very strong.

Additionally, Mars is in its ruling sign of Aries strong , and Saturn is in its detriment Cancer , but disposes the Sun in Capricorn. The moon is in the last minute of the last degree of Aries, about to enter Taurus for all time zones west of Eastern Standard time, it will be in Taurus at midnight. The key signature, however, is the Sun-Mars-Saturn Tsquare, conjunct the angles. Mars is the god of war and combat.

With Saturn in hard aspect, this is a classical signature of military combat involving the United States. But with Mars on the Descendant, this would seem to suggest that the U. The seventh house refers to open enemies, and not those unknown. This set up just reinforces the principles suggested in the preceding sections, that the United States is now in a dangerous part of its cycle, and that the United States has definite enemies who wish to inflict harm upon the country. Right away this suggests a bias in favor of the reelection of George Bush. The mood of the country is patriotic, and the Moon in Cancer is strong.

It is in the sign it rules, and it is close to the Sun degree of the both the U. Bush ties right into that. This is not a lunar position suggesting a change of course. Furthermore the Moon trines the Sun. The Moon represents the public, and the Sun represents the leadership, and the trine is considered a favorable aspect. Is it possible?

Yes it is possible, but not likely. Many astrologers are aware of the year Saturn-Jupiter conjunction cycle that correlates with the U. Since that time, every president elected during the year that Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in earth signs has not lived out his term of office. The last conjunction was in May , the year that George W. Bush was elected. The historical frequency of this signature suggests that Mr.

Bush needs to be extremely careful, especially this coming year. It can represent many other possibilities. But this is one. More likely, it can mean that there is a threat to this country, and the mood of the leadership is extremely serious. THE U. Presidential election will take place on November 2, To get an idea of the mood of the country on Election Day, it is useful to look at the chart of this day and compare it to the U.

In this way we can get yet further insight as to whether or not the nation wishes to make a change in its leadership. The first vote in the U. What could make a change possible is shown by the presence of Mars in Libra square to Saturn in Cancer at the time of the election. Once more, Mars-Saturn shows up in an important chart, as it has shown up in so many other charts regarding the U. And by the ways other than as commander and chief of its armed end of the year, the U.

That person must convince the American public out of its economic slump, but rather it came out with a also that this approach military superiority towards bang! Suddenly the U. This will be huge task, , new jobs in just three months, according to the because it appears that Mr. Bush is convincing the most recent reports as of this writing early November. American public This proves an old that such threats adage, and that is that are real, and it is big government can necessary to take affect the economy and The point of all of this is simple.

Bush has a But there are other Moon-Jupiter conventional wisdoms conjunction in in getting re-elected, as Libra, square his stated earlier. For natal Sun. Progressed Mars has just finished squaring his instance, people will oftentimes vote to retain an natal Sun, and is now moving towards the conjunction of incumbent if they fear a war is going on — or about to his natal Moon-Jupiter.

They will not make a change if they fear for extension of efforts. Usually there is no middle ground, national security. Clinton had Yugoslavia and Iraq. Bush senior had Iraq. Carter had War against Terrorism. There is no in-between. He We have also witnessed this behavior in his efforts to ignite was obviously more suited to the role of a peacemaker the U. Instead of initiating one adjustment at than a war person, as his recent Nobel Prize for Peace a time and waiting to see how it goes, Mr. Bush applied demonstrates.

Under his watch, interest rates were first lowered The point of all of this is simple. President Bush has a to their lowest level in 40 years. Within a very short time history of pulling out all the stops to get what he desires. He did it again a year later. He began a spending type. He dispute. He most likely wants a landslide victory, and his then asked for and got the resignation of his Treasury progressed Sun-Mars shows him with a most competitive Secretary, which was then followed by a sharp decline in spirit in this part of his life right now.

To win re-election, the value of the U. This has the effect of retarding he will likely continue to do all things that conventional U. At this point in time, it is my opinion that George Bush may win the election in the greatest landslide since Nixon defeated George McGovern in He is a financial markets analyst, and editor of the MMA Cycles Report, a market advisory newsletter that specializes in stocks, interest rates, currencies, precious metals, and grain markets.

He can be reached at www. In addition, his controversial vote to give President Bush the authority to use the threat of force in Iraq continues to haunt his standing with angry, anti-war activist Democrats. For example, with the Sun in Sagittarius, and Sagittarius rising, one expects a man or woman of expansive vision, wide perspective, fiery, inspirational rhetoric, and high ideals. In comparison, John Kerry is what I would describe as a practical, disciplined idealist — which, in my book, is the very best kind.

Governor Dean, for instance, has been accused of reinventing himself in order to win the nomination, and of massaging various stances on issues so that they better reflect the sentiments of the most motivated voters in the. In the context of a political career, and a hard-fought campaign, that may be judged as a liability. In the context of governing, it could very definitely end up being a strength.

With Saturn conjunct the Moon, opposed the Sun, and square a Virgo Midheaven, the tendency to alter opinions is minimized — and replaced with very specific, very detailed but nuanced views across the board.

Kerry is the kind of person who carefully considers all possible scenarios — who could commandingly argue either side if required, and very. The rationale for his vote on the Iraq War Resolution is a perfect illustration of this trait. Whether Kerry was right or wrong in voting as he did can certainly be debated. He continues to be assailed by critics on both ends of the political spectrum for that vote. But do either of these more extreme positions reflect the same breadth of perspective?

Sastāvs saglabāts zaudēšanas svara bišu

Or are they merely reflective of either an ideological or emotionally-based approach to American foreign policy? And when, I ask you, in American history, has either untested ideology or raw emotion provided a credible foundation for enduring national policy? The cosmic principle that Saturn represents is inescapably involved with lessons, and the cultivation of historical memory as a tool to guiding future actions.

When asked why he would likely vote yes on the IWR, Kerry was emphatic that he. He was clearly looking to apply the preventative measures at that moment that might save American servicemen from having to risk their lives in a much more dangerous scenario later. I suspect that Kerry would be quite comfortable arguing that, as in , all that may have been necessary was a credible threat of force, not an actual invasion.

Kerry has a deep commitment to national service and a clear understanding that credible moral leadership is based in action — not words and platitudes. What else does this tell us about him and people like him? To reiterate, first and foremost, they are certainly pragmatists. On a deeper level, this same type is someone who feels the instinctive need to get to the heart of any subject or area of interest they might be exploring, in very much the same way that a scientist might.

Depending on other dynamics contained within a chart, Saturnian people often become more emotionally buoyant as they age. Since they were typically compelled by circumstance to grow up much sooner than their contemporaries, they frequently spend the second half of their lives growing emotionally lighter. Saturnian types are also driven to achieve — initially using an external reference point, like a strong parental figure, as a role model — and then, later in life, by the challenge of exceeding their own expectations to become the very best men or women they have it in them to be.

Different people had different reactions to the possibility of serving in Vietnam. Some went to prison, on principle, rather than be inducted into military service. Others availed themselves of entirely legal deferments, as was their right. Still others left the country or enrolled in a branch of the services where they would be unlikely to be sent overseas, such as the National Guard.

Curiously, some of those who deliberately avoided military service now portray themselves as super-patriots, peerless defenders of American values — even if their bodies bear no scars from battle, or their names cannot be credibly linked with tales of courage under fire. They demonstrate his deep commitment to national service and his clear understanding that credible moral leadership is based in action — not words and platitudes. But even more than courage and conviction, by his actions after his distinguished service in Vietnam, Kerry demonstrated what I hold to be the single most important insight that anyone who would choose to lead our nation at this moment could know:.

The importance of this insight cannot be overstated in the context of the current war against Islamic extremism — which, in my humble opinion, will never be won through force of arms alone. Several final points with regard to this theme bear noting. Secondly, a positive Saturn is, above all things, healthily conservative, defensive and protective. In an America where perception has utterly overshadowed facts, Kerry has been a model of Saturnian consistency. Certainly, in comparison to the more overtly emotional and rhetorical approach of Governor Dean, that criticism may appear relevant.

Yet, in the light of the example set by the current Bush Administration, with their obvious attitudinal inebriation and testosterone-based approach to foreign policy, I very much question whether success with angry rhetoric or populist appeals has anything whatsoever to do with serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the one remaining superpower.

In my humble opinion, we need all the gravitas, patience and wisdom we can find if we ever hope to emerge intact from the War on Terror. Kerry is a pilot, a skier, an avid Harley aficionado, a hunter, a wind-surfer and a hockey player. As a Sagittarian, with Sag rising, and sensible Mercury in Capricorn in hard aspect to poetic and humanitarian Neptune in Libra, the vision thing is something that John Kerry offers in spades — but as I referenced earlier, tempered by a firm appreciation of current reality.

Seen against the backdrop of the war against Islamic extremism — which is above all a war of perceptions and ideas — I humbly submit that this single attribute may be more important to leading America in than almost any other that I can imagine. I went to Jerusalem a number of years ago on an official journey to Israel and I was absolutely fascinated by the 32 or so different branches of Catholicism that were there. I have spent a lot of time since then trying to understand these fundamental differences between religions in order to really better understand the politics that grow out of them.

So much of the conflict on the face of this planet is rooted in religions and the belief systems they give rise to. The fundamentalism of one entity or another. So I really wanted to try to learn more. For instance, thinking about China, the people and their policy-how do we respond to their view of us? And how do they arrive at that view of us and of the world and of life choices? I think we have to think about those things in the context of the spiritual to completely understand where they are coming from. So here are a people who, you know, by and large, have a nation that has no theory of creationism.

Well, that has to effect how you approach things. So, the exploration of all these things I find intriguing. Notwithstanding our separation between church and state, it is an essential ingredient of trying to piece together an approach to some of the great vexing questions we have internationally.

I submit that a man with this kind of iintellectual curiosity, coupled to the metaphorical broad shoulders that Saturn conveys, has the ideal skill set to lay the foundation for the human bridges we must build among men and women of good will around the world, and thus broker the eventual peace in this terrible war of ideas. Can He Win? People expect astrologers to be able to give definitive answers to this kind of query, and many of my colleagues try to do just that.

For instance, while there are probably hundreds of men and women who were born at approximately the same moments as Howard Dean, John Kerry or George W. Bush, they are the only three of this group that have any chance of being elected President in November —-due to their efforts up to this point in this specific lifetime. I see no reason to assume that their efforts in this campaign will not also materially impact its outcome. But so could Howard Dean — who I also expect to run quite strongly in That suggests a year in which he will fight harder, and with more dynamism, than perhaps at any time in his life.

These Solars are much stronger in my opinion than his returns, which featured a similar configuration of Sun-Pluto and Jupiter, but also an opposition to Solar Saturn. Kerry will also. Solar Returns with Sun conjunct Saturn suggest climatic 12 month periods of heavy responsibilities, and years when one receives only those things that they have earned.

That stated, the Sun-Saturn conjunction in both the US and Bush charts is sextile Jupiter — so there is symbolism present in these Returns to bolster the spirits of supporters hoping that the President will overcome the challenges presented, and be re-elected. Also, Saturn forms a conjunction with the IC of the Bush proposed inaugural chart in January, should he win in November, a few days earlier; and, finally, a Secondary Progressed New Moon forms in this same Inaugural chart two weeks after the November vote — which is yet another suggestion of an ending of this cycle, and a completely new direction for the nation.

John Kerry and the American Moment Whether one uses a birth moment for the nation of July 2, when John Adams tells us that the die was cast or July 4, when the Continental Congress began doing business as the United States of America , the resulting chart describes a great power, but one always challenged by the cosmos to live within itself, and to avoid the mistakes of imperial excess that the powers that preceded it were guilty of. Expressed in purely astrological terms, all of these resulting charts represent a nation conceived.

The Sun represents the spirit, dynamism and ideals of the nation, as well as its leaders. Saturn in Libra represents the perpetual challenge by the cosmos to become better than we have been, and ultimately, to make manifest in space and time every ideal that this nation was founded on. Consequently, it may very well be that cosmos intended our greatest impact to be through the force of intellectual and spiritual inspiration. Needless to say, a nation that unnecessarily entangles itself in imperial adventures even if their preferred form of imperialism is ideological rather than territorial dramatically compromises its ability to serve in that role.

But national self-realization, to coin a phrase, is an ongoing process, not an event that is realized once, then celebrated, with everyone who will come afterwards living off of the reflected glory of that moment. But lessons truly learned are lessons that never have to be repeated. It strikes me that the naive jingoism and reckless optimism of the Bush Administration are very similar to the type of attitudes that must have been rampant in the British, French and Spanish courts during the last decade or two before the American Revolution — the last time that Pluto transited Sagittarius.

Bush thinks himself the man of the historical moment. In my estimation, this amazement has gone to his head, and his native arrogance and overconfidence has overtaken whatever common sense he possessed when he entered the White House. I believe that we are living in the midst of a Pluto in Sagittarius-induced nationalistic bubble, and our supremely confident President is the embodiment of how intoxicated and disconnected from reality we have become. My very strong opinion as an astrologer is that unless we effect a rather dramatic course correction sooner rather than later, both Republicans and Democrats may rue the day that Katherine Harris removed the names of tens-of-thousands of legal Democratic voters from the Florida roles, and in the process both subverted the spirit of our democracy, and put the lesser man in the White House.

But, perhaps Lt. Perhaps the cosmos wanted to send the people of this nation a message — but it may not be quite the message that General Boykin suspects. It further strikes me that if one man or woman had been born to be President at this profoundly dangerous time for this country, of all the candidates on the stage today, John Kerry would be the obvious choice. Furthermore, his demonstrated skill set also strikes this astrologer as perfectly mirroring the demands of the historical moment.

In my humble opinion, this is a time for experienced, patient, courageous, disciplined and steady leadership. It is also a time for bridge-building — both with regard to old friends from whom we have become estranged and new friends we have yet to embrace. It is not a time in which the attitude, anger or populist fantasy that has so fueled the Dean campaign offers anything useful with regard to the road ahead. In fact, it can be argued that it is exactly that kind of an approach, as advocated by the current Administration, that brought us to where we are today.

With Saturn returning to the United States Sun, it is fair to say that the American people have a tremendous amount of work ahead of us. We can no longer afford to rest on the laurels of our past, or reward rhetoric that is not backed by hard-earned human currency. In closing, seen within the context of a culture that rewards Jupiterian celebrity and bravado rather than authentic Saturnian achievement and courage, it strikes me that George W.

Bush is the embodiment of what America has become — and that John F. Kerry is the embodiment of what we once were, and what we must be again. All rights reserved. Originally published November 24, ; expanded and revised for The International Astrologer; December 9, Based on the pm time that he is said to have given a Democratic Underground contributor at a fundraising event — which is the current source for the time we have.

The Ennead is a 40 degree return chart, set in the Sidereal Zodiac or a precession-adjusted Tropical zodiac, based on the position of the Solar Return Sun. This article was submitted in late December, prior to any primary election held in the United States. Parker In the Fall issue of The International Astrologer, I described how the declination aspects — parallel and contra-parallel — were used by astrologer Charles Jayne to predict the election results for most of the American Presidents.

Jayne believed contenders could be identified by how close transiting Saturn was to their birth Sun on the date of the election. Closing approaching parallels seem to offer the candidate greater freedom and power than would closing contra-parallels. When separating from the birth Sun, Saturn parallels and contra-parallels have passed their strongest election potential; the candidate may continue in office for a second term or lose the election. Maximum power is passed. In the election George W. The approaching Saturn indicates the potential for election. This can be tracked easily with an ephemeris of declinations.

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Following are examples and interpretations of each type of Saturn transit to the birth Sun. Closing Parallels to the Birth Sun These represent the controlled power to create change, both nationally and internationally. Closing Contra-Parallels These aspects seem to time both national and international disagreements — wars with Congress or other countries. The Civil War comes under this heading. Separating from Parallels and Contra-Parallels This can bring Presidents who have less focus and accomplishment.

Their power has peaked and passed. Examples: Ulysses Grant and Gerald Ford. A President may also be operating above the Saturn level, acting as a visionary, inspirational leader, but without toughness and practicality. Figure 1 shows the strongest election aspect for a President is a closing parallel or contra-parallel from transiting Saturn to the birth Sun. By comparison, the weakest election indicator is no transiting Saturn parallels or contra-parallels to the birth Sun — Keep these figures in mind when predicting elections.

Below are the declinations for the 9 Democrats hoping to capture the election, as well as the declinations for Hillary Clinton and Al Gore both possible candidates in , and George W. Possible election dates above November are listed in the right hand column. George Bush has Saturn separating from a parallel in the election; power has peaked and is beginning to lessen. He may still continue in office, riding on his earlier efforts. Howard Dean — Saturn is closing on a contra-parallel with his birth Sun this year. A likely candidate for the Democrats, but not an easy race with the contra-parallel.

Dick Gephardt — Saturn is approaching his birth Sun, but not until November Timing off. John Kerry and Wesley Clark— Saturn is separating from a contra-parallel to the birth Suns of both of these candidates. Not likely to win nomination. John Edwards — Saturn is separating from a parallel to his birth Sun. Wrong timing. May try another run for President in Possible candidate at that time. Al Sharpton — Closing parallel in November Hillary Clinton — Likely to make her bid for President starting in November But Saturn closing contraparallel on her Sun will make it a tough fight.

Eclipses in Those readers who follow my predictions and analysis of Earth phenomena know that I use astrocartography maps of current eclipses to show where Pluto, Uranus, Mars and the Node are likely to bring activity. A good example is the lunar eclipse on May 16, , in 25 Scorpio a deadly degree. In late October , Southern California was swept by devastating wildfires. The whole area was bracketed by the lines of Pluto on the Ascendant and the North Node on the Descendant.

The eclipse itself passed close to California. All of these lines were part of the forecast I made a year ago. Activity for the coming year can be seen in Figure 3 next page. The Midwest is charged by three separate eclipses. The eclipses can be read at the left, angularity of the lines in the center example: Pluto on the MC crossing Uranus rising. Countries these lines pass through appear at the right. If you are interested in a particular part of the world, read the countries activated, then switch over to the eclipse date and what lines are passing through that area.

For a close look, run astrocartography charts for the eclipses. Copyright Ann E. Parker, Formerly an editor for the Chicago Tribune, Ann has been a research astrologer and national lecturer since She has written five books on astrology and earth-related phenomena such as earthquakes, volcanic activity, and weather. She predicted both the San Francisco and Los Angeles earthquakes. Her latest book, Earth Changes, describes sensitive areas on the Earth through Russia, Greece, E.

Europe, Middle E. Europe, N. Am Midwest, Caribbean, N. America S. Alaska, Aleutians, Hawaii. Europe, Spain, France E. China, Russia Japan, New Zealand. China, Korea, Philippines Indonesia, S. Asia India, W. Europe S. America, S. China Iran, Russia E. Asia, C. In particular, the Moon in such a composite signifies the nature of the emotional bond a candidate is able to establish with the country.

Perhaps the composite Moon in a fire sign shows that the midpoint connection of candidate and voters lights the fire of passionate drive necessary to run a successful national election. The composite horoscope of President George W. Bush and the U. Whatever one might feel about his policies, this guy does not hesitate to pull the levers of national power: One has only to look at.

Transiting Pluto will conjoin his USA composite Moon throughout the general election campaign, giving Bush an extraordinary ability to merge himself deeply and powerfully into the national psyche. Another way of reading the composite Moon opposition in any of these composites: an emotional projection of unmet national needs. Unfortunately for Dean, as for all the composite Aries Moon candidates, Saturn will be squaring this opposition in the latter part of the current election cycle, presaging difficult challenges ahead. Senator John Kerry, a war-wounded natal Sun-inSagittarius, also has a USA composite Moon in Aries, in the 4th house, opposing Mercury: Kerry, an early favorite of the pundits, has had trouble in the early stages of his campaign in communicating to the voters exactly who he is.

He may be able to connect powerfully with voters if he is able to stay focused and channel all that energy into the focal point of the composite 10th house. Pluto will be squaring this composite Moon-Mars opposition throughout the primary and general election. Saturn will square all four Kerry, Edwards, Lieberman, and Dean of the USA composite Aries Moons during , making each of their candidacies experience challenges and difficulties in connecting with the broad spectrum of voters essential to win a presidential election.

Chart Data and Sources U. Source: hospital records quoted on Astrodatabank. Source: From memory, quoted in an e-mail posted on Astrodatabank website. Rodden rating: A. John Kerry: Dec. Howard Dean: Nov. Source: Several individuals have quoted this birth data from Howard Dean, but it has not been verified. Rodden rating: DD. Rating: DD. Joe Lieberman: Feb. Source: From memory, mother via family friend, cited on Astrodatabank. Philip Brown has a Masters degree in English literature and has been studying astrology since Phil is an avid writer and has written several articles for The Mountain Astrologer.

Phil may be contacted at: philbrown23 earthlink. If Western astrology suffers in cultural memory and popular understanding from pervasive over-simplification of its wisdom, then this is doubly true of Taoist astrology, which passes into our Western awareness through layers of language, cultural distance and media misperceptions — each filtering out its higher expressions.

The calendar itself ranks high enough in Western awareness that many people know we are passing from the Sheep year to the Monkey year — a trickster figure — and some may know that it is the Wood Monkey. But stopping here, so soon, is to pick two layers out of many and to leave the question of interpretation untouched.

What follows is a demonstration of the potential waiting to be extracted from the qualities of this Wood Monkey year through critical examination and deconstruction. We will set this year into its proper historical context, draw parallels to other years with similar characteristics, and see how these interactions of elements may play out Elements Elements and their Modes are the fundamental building blocks of Taoist astrology. Although, as in the West, each of the twelve signs belongs to a trinity by element, in Taoist astrology they are clustered by quadrant.

The rhythms of nature are pervasive. Wood is the rebirth of spring, Fire is the blossoming of summer, Earth is the maturation of the fruit, Metal is the time for the harvest and killing frosts, and Water is the season of snow and ice. Taoist Fire is not like Western Fire. The three fire signs in this zodiac are the Snake, the Horse and the Sheep, which equate to Taurus, Gemini and Cancer. Just one sign claims the same element in both zodiacs — the Eastern Boar and the Western Scorpio are both water — so it is not at all helpful to draw lines of connection here.

Taoist elements are not adversarial, as Western elements are often perceived. Rather, they are indicators of the process of growth and change. Wood is then reduced to ash — which is Earth. Earth soaks up Water and holds it for growth of future vegetation. The most apt analogy can be seen through the decanates and dwads of classical antiquity, where each sign encompasses expressions of itself and all other signs together, but at lesser magnitude of power.

The Tao also has five modes — Balance, Production, Conquest, Frustration, Corruption — which are the five relationships any two elements will share. Western astrologers will find modes easier to grasp if seen as two speeds of direct motion, two speeds of retrograde motion and one kind of station. In the Taoist system, however, when Fire comes up against Fire, the two relate in Balance mode, which expresses in moments of purification or enlightenment; they are transformative but lacking direction.

Water is corrupted by Metal even as a lake may be poisoned by mercury or lead. Metal conquers Wood even as the axe fells the tree. Wood conquers Earth even as the roots of trees hold the soil against erosion. Earth conquers Water as surely as the banks of the river guide the flood to the Sea. These five modes are akin to the five elements, but elements describe innate character while modes describe dynamic action, so that modes are a kinetic yang expression of the yin potential locked up within elemental matter.

In the West, planets hold these innate characteristics, while the aspects and the directions impart expression. Venus may be benefic, but Venus retrograde in Scorpio in an applying square to Uranus or Pluto is going to be very, very weird and not much fun at all. Similarly, in the Tao, Wood may be the greatest benefic Jupiter is the Wood Star , but Wood with an overlay of Water is corrupted, and rots where it stands — as if in a swamp, breeding imperial tyranny, egotistical whimsy, and excess of all kinds.

The previous year of the Wood Monkey was , and there will not be another until The natural element of the Monkey. Elements are bricks in the wall, all stacked up in rows — big bricks at the bottom and smaller bricks towards the top — while modes are the mortar which hold or fail to hold the bricks in place. Bricks help us understand color and texture, and speak to the aesthetics of masonry, but mortar gives the wall strength and endurance, and sets the limits both on what it can withstand and on what it might achieve. This configuration urges us to clear space for new growth by chopping down dead wood — even a simple axe can be a tool for positive change.

It shows us the regenerative power of Wood, unleashed through new tools for creativity which supplant outmoded ways and means of doing things. D-Day was the pivotal event of It unleashed millions of young heroes to march across Europe and liberate. But an equally valid example would be the first hundred hours of the Metal Sheep of , when Metal conquered Wood — and the blitzkrieg liberation of Kuwait made a hero out of General Schwarzkopf.

It was in the first hundred hours of the Metal Horse in that Nelson Mandela was freed from his long imprisonment for the march to democratic elections in South Africa in Wood Dog. Mikhail Gorbachev, Simon Bolivar and Napoleon all entered history as heroic manifestations of this energy and reshaped our world in positive, lasting ways. This cycle holds five zodiacs of twelve years apiece and each sign expresses each element exactly once, but the years come in triplets as the cycle progresses through the zodiacal quadrants.

It seems true, then, that the twentieth century was indeed dominated by corrupt yang energy — but how accurate is our measurement of it? Well, if Earth is frustrated by Wood while Metal conquers Wood, then we can expect most of the Wood triplets in Earth to spark wars while few if any of the Wood triplets in Metal should manifest such conflict. The focal point for deadly conflict has shifted from Wood to Fire, and the three Fire triplets since have brought the Soviet Afghan War, the Khmer Rouge genocide, the Iranian.

The shared characteristic of all these wars was that they lacked points of definite closure. They dragged on — and will drag on — until all parties involved lose the stomach to pursue the struggle further. The Electoral Cycle of the United States We have enough information now to begin constructing an image for , once we bring in just one further rhythm: the US electoral cycle. Their very regularity makes them wonderful subjects for study. Carter was a one-term president, elected in a Dragon year, whose presidency was ruined by the domestic economy and foreign misadventures during the Fire triplet.


Reagan was a two-term president, elected in a Monkey year, who took credit for a long economic boom lasting over both terms. But his presidency was tarnished by a scandal IranContra in the Tiger year which might easily have led to an impeachment. Next comes a one-term president named George Bush, elected in a Dragon year, whose presidency was ruined by the domestic economy and foreign misadventures during the Fire triplet.

Bill Clinton was a two-term president, elected in a Monkey year, who took credit for a long economic boom lasting through both terms. But his presidency was tarnished by a scandal named Monica in the Tiger year , which did fall out in impeachment. On his heels has come yet another one-term president named George Bush, in a Dragon year, whose hopes for a second term as president have been ruined by the domestic economy and foreign misadventures during the Fire triplet.

We can look back before Carter as well. Nixon was a two-term president elected in the Monkey year whose presidency was tarnished by a scandal Watergate in the Tiger year which forced his resignation. Johnson was a one-term president, elected in the Dragon year,. The best of men can be brought low in bad times and even the worst may hope to fly high upon auspicious winds. The roots of the coming woes for the current American president were laid down in the Metal Dragon of Wood is frustrated by Metal — like a tree girdled by barbed wire — so we could say that the regenerative potential of springtime Wood will fail to manifest Frustration because a killing frost autumnal Metal will snuff it out.

The killing frost literally took the bloom off the rose for everyone. And, in the autumn, the potential for renewal was dissipated in bitter political gridlock. Two military actions ensued from this and neither has found satisfactory closure. But in their pursuit, the USA has expended untold financial resources, and employed diplomatic resources at an even greater clip. Foreign misadventures and the domestic economy, again! Key issues in the presidency of this George Bush are no different in kind than those faced by his hapless predecessors — but it is important to understand that these three years were fated to be difficult years, without regard for the man awarded the presidency in the judicial decision of Will the elections be true to the pattern?

When the current Fire triplet ends this January, all hostile rhetoric, all moves to defy and confront, and all illusions of almighty righteousness will all evaporate, like morning mist — and the people most embedded within this enraged attitude will go with it. The mode of Frustration itself, which represents a blockage in the flow of energy up to. On the other side is a pocket of unbelievers, who hold tightly and resist.

This pocket may well be where the real power lies — but in the swirl of events, it is not always ours to know with whom the spirit walks. When the grappling hooks get hurled across the chasm and the wound is pulled close, when the barriers of isolation and insulation crumble, when the bridge too far is not so distant anymore, then we may know that the moment of reconciliation is at hand when they shall be pulled into the flowing stream and either swim with it or perish.

The pattern of US presidential elections strongly hints that George Bush is unelectable in He has identified himself too intimately with these years, and so he cannot hope to survive the ebbing of this tide of Fire which has sustained him. His allies in Britain and Australia are also vulnerable. The Wood Monkey heralds the rise of heroic figures willing to stand against authority.

Risks will be great. The government will take them on as direct threats. But from January until August, I predict that the challenges will become ever more acute and painful for the White House. What happens next is a bit murky. Many astrologers have looked at Western charts for November and wondered aloud if that vote will even be held. I hesitate to go that far, but there is nothing in the Taoist charts to discredit that interpretation.

The ballot is a call for decision — and an election result is the aggregate of millions of ballots. There is a re-assertion in autumn of the energy pattern of — Wood frustrated by Metal. This energy lay at the root of all five electoral controversies in 19th-century America: , , , and Frustration in an election implies an incomplete or split decision. Modern simple copper hot and cold kitchen sink taps kitchen faucet Copper pull-type hot and cold basin faucet antique telescopic faucet Suitable for all bathroom kitchen sinks Gowe?

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