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What you need is to keep head over heart and then take the decision.


This year you may be facing some conflicts, issues but you can handle them well by being more logistic. Be logistic and balanced while taking decision.

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This year you need to take leadership and act in a decisive way. In , you are already aware of pros and cons in your education and studies. You already know very well what you need to do for getting prepared and you know your strength and weakness. You will be doing better this year because you are making or working in advance like preparing time table or going as per schedule.

In year , your focus will be on, working on where you find more stability or feel more financially secured. Your work is likely to improve this year and you may do well this year but you may not be too happy with the work environment. You are likely to achieve success this year whether you are doing job or business.

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You may be little disappointed this year because some of the investment may not give the result that you were expecting or it might be giving return later than you expected. You should be careful this year on where you are planning to invest in. This year you may not be taking care of your health as much as you should be doing that is you may not be putting desired efforts.

You may be busy in some other stuff or you may be preoccupied with other priorities in your life and you may be ignoring this but this is not the correct way. Remember health is the real asset and we need to give proper time and attention towards it. Pay close attention to lower body parts and take care of what you eat.

If you are not married, this year you may receive some proposals.

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This year your love partner may do something which helps you or makes you feel better emotionally. This year seems to be a good year from relationship point of view. It always gets better when you follow the tips mentioned.

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There are more chances that year your partner may try to take care of you. There may be some gap or all desires may not be fulfilled or there may be something that may be lacking in physical relationship. You are practical and you are now aware of things more well in relationship.

You know what you or your partner may get of this relationship or you know the shortcomings of your relationship. You are not living in the world of fantasy. You are not doing over expectation from your partner.

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There may be some problem or some issues related with pregnancy or child birth or may be finances. Pending work on the academic front may take a lot of your time, but complete it you will! Lover's suggestion for spending time outdoors must be considered positively.

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