20 november is what horoscope

Yours is the sign of the lion, and today you're truly the king or queen of the jungle. Let the world hear your proud roar! You may have a chance to perform an act of bravery, however big or small.

Venus enters Scorpio

Even drawing on your boldness in minor ways, such as talking to someone new or trying a new exercise class at the gym, feeds your inner courage, making it flare to life. The world gets heated up and passionate today. Will you be lured by that siren's call into making spontaneous, even reckless moves? It's up to you. But sometimes, it's a good idea to let your hair down, just a little. On the other hand, when the energy from the cosmos is this unpredictable, caution may be best after all! Today, this part of your personality is activated.

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While someone else might respond to the current energy by trying to dominate others, you're more likely to take charge in a teamwork-oriented way. If you're in charge of a group project, it's a savvy move to let others have as much autonomy as possible. Raw energy pulses through your veins today. Though normally you're a planner, now you're much more impulsive.

Hasty words or deeds could lead to problems, especially in formal or professional settings.

It's important to maintain your positive connections with your clients or employer, not to mention your friends, coworkers or spouse. It may be a good idea to get a vigorous workout, to burn off some of that excess energy! Today, you're utterly fearless. You have the fire of conviction burning within you -- or at least the fire of audacity, which can pass for conviction in a pinch. This is the kind of day when you can create success almost out of thin air, simply by being bold.

Uncertainty and hanging back won't get you anywhere, but that shouldn't be an issue.

Scorpio Personality: October 23 - November 21 | HowStuffWorks

Courage is yours, so put it to good use! Today you're willing to push hard for what you want. However, it may be a risky tactic to adopt for work-based matters. This could rebound! This is most likely to be related to incoming news. If you can steer around this, then the day will shape up nicely! Tactics that work well in the morning are not likely to work well in the evening, and vice-versa. It may be a question of adapting your approach wherever necessary. Generally speaking, the morning requires a flexible approach; the evening a disciplined one!

Besides, a chance to improve your finances may well prove to be harder than it first appears. The general vibe is friendly, open and relaxing.

Scorpio Personality: October 23 - November 21

Communications indicate a welcome development. The only block to enjoying a good or constructive day is a lack of motivation and an inclination to take the easy route. Summoning a little energy will be the challenge, but once you get going, you should find the rest of the day is a little easier! As a water sign you should find that communications are also well-aspected, especially when it comes to your personal and romantic relationships.

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The months ahead are likely to start on a very positive note, thanks to a string of positive influences that will last for much of November and December. The word of these individuals can be very sharp because, in fact, they say what they think, often attracting dislikes by people who feel judged, condemned, unjustly criticized.

If you are thinking that this personality can surrender then you have never met a man or woman born on this day that hardly gives up before the obstacles and ideas of other people. Unfortunately, here we are faced with a great sensitivity of mind, a great level of susceptibility and irritability that come from the influence of the Moon, the dominant planet of these people. The Moon makes them susceptible, very sensitive and also irritable as well as particularly subject to strong mood swings and those who love an individual born on this day know how difficult it is to live with him.

These individuals love to argue, to judge, to criticize but when they are offended or someone criticizes their behavior, then something changes within them and a tremendous rage can come out or be enclosed, stay inside without ever going out. In this last case we can see a great difficulty in expressing our opinions and feelings. Fortunately, Mars, one of the two ruler planets together with Pluto, makes the personality of these individuals far more resilient, ambitious and active, and often all that accumulates within their soul can come out very easily.

In fact, anger can explode at any moment and do a lot of damage. Meanwhile, we must say that sexually the erotic charge is great and loving a person born in this period is very beautiful even at the level of real emotions because those who own the Moon as a dominant planet, always has a good dose of romance.

Merits : introverted, very passionate, instinctive, mediumistic, with sixth sense, magnetic, sense of duty, methodical, inclination towards the arts. Defects : too passionate, vindictive, stubborn, jealous, unable to make the right decisions in love, too much sought after his dressing and make-up. Those born on any day of January are Those born on any day of February are Those born on any day of March are Those born on any day of April are Those born on any day of May are Those born on any day of June are Those born on any day of July are

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