December 23 horoscope for cancer

Is it time for a massage? Schedule self-care, pampering, and recharging in luxury this weekend. How can you be of service, Scorpio? You want to help in a meaningful way this week, so follow your intuition to the right places that could use your special something. Rest up this weekend, and focus on self-care, recharging, and feeling the joy of missing out.

Your optimism is a magic wand, Sagittarius. See things with a bit more excitement and opportunity, and everything will transform in spellbinding ways. Your vision and communication can always change this for the better. Gather with friends this weekend to keep holiday cheer going! Happy birthday, Capricorn!

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You want to dive deep this week with yourself and others, so lead conversations to topics of substantial depth. This weekend, catch up on projects or ideas that allow you to show off your brilliance in wonderful ways. Feeling romantic, Aquarius?

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The moon's putting love in the air, so make sure you share your heart openly with suitors for the magic of connection. Weekend getaway? Take a trip inside a new book or place to cure your wanderlust. The divine is in the details, Pisces! Try to live in the present, and pay attention as best you can to see beauty in the little things.

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You could walk away with a big-picture shift! Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Katie Buckleitner.

Venus enters Scorpio

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Typically, the month of December has always been good to you dear Leo, and the pattern shall not be altered this month. Today marks the beginning of a six month period that could take you anywhere you want to be. You are emotionally vulnerable right now Virgo, and there is nothing wrong with being sensitive. Use this to connect and reestablish your relationships with friends and family. Any difference of opinion and friction between you and your loved ones will cease to exist in the next few days so look forward to an unconditionally loving and wholesome time this holiday season.

The new moon will change things for the better so do not lose hope and employ some of that famous Virgo patience right now. Tip of the day : You might get distracted today and attempts at trying to remain extra focused may not work too well either. Take it easy for a day Virgo, you deserve a break.

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This is a time when you will be more social and outgoing than usual, and social events will be especially fruitful. During this time the Sun is in Sagittarius which is your third house of communication; which means you will be the life of the party today.

Such is the irresistible charm of a Libran. Tip of the day : Restrain yourself from splurging unnecessarily today because overindulgence appears to be on the cards for you Libra. You may feel inclined to be prickly and seeking solitude today. Perhaps a good idea to indulge in your favorite food and activity today to soothe your soul dear Scorpio. Stay optimistic for things do look better for you in the next few days.

The new moon is expected to bring in a flurry of much needed positive changes in your life including a promotion or an augmented source of income. Tip of the day : Be careful of saying yes to something that you may end up regretting. Politely declining is an interesting new habit you should consider picking up mighty Scorpio.

This is your month Sagittarius and although it may not have seemed that way due to misunderstandings, confusion and a general sense of chaos, things will soon settle down and begin to make sense again. The end of a turbulent phase and the arrival of a stark opposite one awaits you. Few are as iron-willed as you Capricorn, and if you have succumbed to a bogged down spirit, things truly are difficult right now. You need not worry because this turmoil is on the verge of drawing to a conclusion.

The negativity will make way for a fresh new perspective that can completely transform this month for you, and by the time the New Year arrives, you will be the strong and determined Capricorn everyone is accustomed to. Hang in there because you have made it through the storm. Tip of the day: A long, nourishing conversation today will surprise you and challenge a previous judgement you may have made about a person. Your friends will consider themselves blessed to know you, and you will feel the same about them Aquarius.

You will be especially in sync with your friends and can look forward to an impromptu meeting that will elevate your happiness today.

Daily horoscope for Sunday, December 23, 2018

If you are planning a party, it would be advisable to wait for a few days. Your creativity is flowing through you right now and this will help you immensely on the professional front. Wow your peers with your expertise dear Aquarius because none can do it like you do.

Tip of the day : Start your Christmas preparations early because you may encounter a few problems if you wait until the last minute. Things are starting to come together for you dear Pisces. You have put in the work and it is about time you begin to see the results, and this is it. Today marks the beginning of a prosperous phase in your life where the fruits of your labor on the professional front will materialize.

Stay vigilant for a loved one who may need you to support them emotionally today.